Get Legal Help After A Slip-And-Fall Accident

Have you been injured in a slip or trip-and-fall accident? Are you unsure of the party responsible for your slip-and-fall accident? Do you need an experienced attorney who can identify the negligent property owner?

Not having a lawyer knowledgeable about the new laws relating to slip or trip-and-fall accidents can result in your case being thrown out. The premises liability attorneys at Park & Nguyen in Newark, New Jersey, maintain a thorough knowledge of those laws. They couple that knowledge with experience and an aggressive approach in advocating for you.

Finding The Responsible Party In A Slip- Or Trip-And-Fall Accident

We can immediately identify the responsible party. Many times, a slip-and-fall accident will occur on a city-controlled sidewalk. Time is of the essence in those cases where a city is involved as you have 90 days to submit a notice of claim. Therefore, we recommend you contact our office immediately for a free telephone consultation.

Holding The City, Private Businesses Or Individuals Accountable

At Park & Nguyen, our job is to represent you and back up that advocacy with a wealth of knowledge of the current laws. Clients come to us after suffering a broken arm, leg or ankle. Some have fractured a femur or patella while others tore their meniscus from an uneven, cracked or icy sidewalk.

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